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Greetings to the GGBET Betting Site

GGBET strives to be a leader in the bookmaker market. The platform was launched in 2016 and set a course on sports and eSports betting. Now, we offer online betting on over 30 disciplines in tens of betting markets. And what’s best, you’re 100% safe when wagering at GG BET due to the River Entertainment license and SSL payment encryptions.

If you’ve been looking for a reliable betting site, GGBET might be the one for you. Enter our bookmaker and register. This process takes five minutes and is followed by a 350% welcome bonus on your first two deposits.

Guaranteed Security and Fair Play

GGBET is a company owned by ASG 360 Services Limited and registered in the Republic of Cyprus. Our rights and obligations are proclaimed by the license. It comes from River Entertainment and holds a unique 8048/JAZ2021-184 number, which you can check.

The license obligates us to protect your data and cash. We do it via SSL encryption. It applies to all your transactions within GGBET, which guarantees that you’ll never experience a data leak with us.

Five Minutes and You're with GGBET

GGBET registration is extremely easy. It requires only four quick steps, and you’re a full-fledged member. Let’s look at these steps, describing in detail how you can complete each of them:

  1. Click the “Sign Up” button. It’s in the upper right corner of the screen;
  2. Fill out the required information. We need your email/phone and password. You can also sign up via Apple, Google, Facebook, Steam, and Twitter (X);
  3. Learn terms and conditions. When you sign up at GGBET, you agree to our T&Cs. Learn them so that you know how we may use the data you share with our website and our restrictions;
  4. Confirm an email. When registration is completed, we send you a verification email. Follow its instructions. If you can’t find a letter, check your spam box;

That’s it! Since you’ve verified your account, you’re now eligible to claim bonuses. Start sports betting with our welcome offer. Open the “Promotions” page and click “Activate” below a Welcome Bonus 350%. From then on, you will have three days to deposit.

We will match your first two $4+ deposits for 200% and 150% for up to $100 each. You can wager bonus cash only on 1.75 single bets. To withdraw a welcome bonus, you must wager it for 17 times higher than its size within five days of reception.

It’s only the first GGBET sportsbook promo you encounter. We also have personal bonuses that will give you free bets on anticipated events and match deposits. Check your available bonuses on the “Promotions” page.

GGBET Sports Betting

The biggest GGBET section is dedicated to regular sports, which includes over 30 disciplines. Let’s take a look at the sports we have presented and their competitions by categorizing them into team and individual types.

Team Sports Wagering

The first category we’ll examine is team sports. One special aspect of these is the players’ cooperation, which determines a match’s outcome. The most popular team sports are:

  • Soccer (100+ daily matches) – UEFA Europa Conference League, Euro Cup, Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Seria A, etc.;
  • Basketball (100+ daily matches) – National Basketball League (women’s variation included), Liga ACB, BBL, Lega A, etc.;
  • Ice Hockey (up to 50 daily matches) – AHL, NHL, Ice Challenge Series, World Championship, etc.;
  • Volleyball (50+ daily matches) – VLA Cup, League U21, Serie A3, Nations League, Golden European League, etc.;
  • Baseball (up to 50 daily matches) – MLB, NCAA, NPB, KBO, LMB, etc.;
  • Cricket (up to 30 daily matches) – Indian Premier League, Major Clubs T20 Tournament, Inter-Provincial Trophy, etc.;
  • American football (up to 20 daily matches) – NFL and UFL;

Bets on Individual Sports

Next are individual sports. Their distinction is that their matches rely solely on personal skills rather than on the ability to cooperate. GGBET punters frequently bet on:

  • Table tennis (up to 40 daily matches) – TT Star Series, Czech Liga Pro, Setka Cup, European Olympic, TT Elite Series, etc.;
  • Tennis (50+ daily matches) – ITF Women, ITF Men, ATP, ATP Challenger Series, WTA, etc.;
  • Badminton (around 10 daily matches) – Slovenia Open, Olympic Games, All England Open, Asian Games, etc.;
  • Darts (up to 10 daily matches) – Modus Super Series, Premier League, World Grand Prix, UK Open, etc.;
  • MMA (up to 50 daily fights) – Bellator, Oktagon MMA, UFC Fight Night, etc.;

GGBET eSports Betting

GG BET is also an eSports betting platform. We accept bets on 25 competitive games in the strategy, shooter, battle royal, and MOBA genres. GGBET features eSports’ most popular and smaller regional competitions to deliver a top-notch wagering experience. Let’s take a look.

Counter-Strike, Valorant and Overwatch Bets

Three shooter games are going viral now on our eSports betting site. Counter-Strike is a classic tactical shooter where all players’ tools are guns and grenades. Valorant elaborates on this concept. It adds characters and tactical abilities, making FPS gameplay more diverse and entertaining. Overwatch, on the other hand, goes full-send into unconventional shooter gameplay, changing weapons to daggers, energy orbs, rocks, or even hummers.

Counter-Strike and Valorant are the most popular shooters. They commonly get 20–40 daily matches. These come from BLAST Premier, Esports World Cup, ESL Challenger, Saudi eLeague, Valorant Challengers, COLEZIUM, and other competitions. Overwatch has around 10–20 matches a day. The most anticipated of them run within the FACEIT League, OW Championship, Collegiate Esports and EPIC.LAN 4.

Wager on Top Strategies like Dota 2 or StarCraft

The major part of our eSports betting is dedicated to strategies: Dota 2 and StarCraft. In both these games, players control their units from the upper view and aim to destroy the enemy’s base. The difference is that in Dota 2, each player controls a single character, while in StarCraft, players control entire factions.

At GGBET, Dota 2 is the most popular strategy. In its section, you’ll find about 20–40 daily matches coming from The International, DreamLeauge, BLAST Slam, Riyadh Masters, etc. StarCraft is much less popular. In the high-activity periods, you may wager on up to 10 Starcraft matches from Global StarCraft II League, Esports World Cup, SC2 Masters, and others.

The Widest Betting Line on FIFA and NBA 2K

Of course, you can also bet on eSports through FIFA and NBA 2K games. In these sports simulators, gamers take control of legendary basketball or soccer players and compete.

FIFA is more popular than the NBA at GGBET. At virtual soccer, you can bet on around 20–40 matches a day from Esports World Cup, UEFA eEuro, eChampions League, LaLiga FC Pro, EA Champions Cup, etc. Meanwhile, at NBA 2K section, you may bet on up to 20 daily matches. The biggest of them is NBA 2K League. GG.BET betting also offers smaller events like eFIBA, Olympic Esports Series and SLAM OPEN.

Live Betting with Free Broadcasts

GGBET sportsbook accepts live bets. To make them as convenient as possible, we add broadcasts to all the live games; you can watch them even without registration. Our live matches also have a live score and game scheme. With their help, you can conduct a game analysis, and wager live even without watching a broadcast. We offer you unique real time bets. For example, when the soccer game transitions into a penalty series, we let you bet on how many goals there will be.

The Best Betting Odds and Wide Range of Markets

GGBET odds are our biggest advantage. We offer them slightly higher than other bookies, which means you get more profit when betting on our site. It’s possible due to our scale. GGBET popularity allows us to raise our betting odds without an income decline.

Our odds differ based on the sports betting line. Thanks to their wide variety, our clients can choose a market based on their skill and profit goals. Take a look at some of our lines:

Match Winner Wager on who wins a match;
Totals Bet on if the score (total number of goals, Dota 2 kills, etc.) goes over or under a given number;
Handicap Match winner or total bet but with equated odds. For example, when a team is weaker and probably won’t win the game, the match winner market becomes useless. To solve that, we reduce a bet win condition for a weaker team to being 1 or 2 goals behind (depends on the skill gap between competitors);
Prop Bets Predict an outcome specific to a game or sport. For example, you may wager on the team to win a pistol round in CS2, who will be claimed as an MVP of a soccer match, or which team gets the first attack in basketball;
Outright Bet on the tournament winner. Outright bets are open a few weeks before the event starts, and that’s when the odds are volatile. An outright line holds till the finals. However, each match lowers outright odds as the tournament outcome becomes more apparent.

How to Wager with GGBET

Betting at GGBET made easy. Before you can place a bet, you must use your GGBET login (email) and password to log into a bookmaker. Once done, follow these three easy steps, and you can bet on any match:

  1. Deposit. Click a green “Deposit+” button in the upper right, select a payment tool, specify how much you want to deposit, and confirm a transaction;
  2. Choose a match. Choose a sport you want to bet on in the “All sports” section on the left. Browse through countries and their competitions and matches and select a desired one;
  3. Wager. Find a preferred betting market, click on the odds resembling your bet, and place as much cash as you want.

Voilà! All that’s left is to wait until the match ends and collect your profit. To count your potential reward, simply multiply your wager by the decimal odds (you can choose this odd display type in the gear window at the top of the site). For instance, you wager $100 on the 2.5 match winner line. If your bet is correct, GGBET will pay you out $250 (100 * 2.5 = 250) plus your initial $100 bet, $350 in total.

Get Ultimate Entertainment with Regular Bonuses

Sports and eSports betting with GGBET is cheap, thanks to bonuses. They are specified for beginners and existing players, which enables you to sustain your budget at any point of your wagering journey. Here’s how our betting bonuses work:

✓ Welcome Bonus. GGBET beginners receive a 200% match on their first and a 150% match on their second deposit. Each match requires a $4+ payment and rewards you with up to $100;

✓ Cashback. Deposit $10 to receive 5% cashback of up to $100, $50 to receive 10% cashback of up to $200, and $100 to receive 15% cashback of up to $300. You can claim each of 3;

✓ Freebet. Meet deposit requirements and receive a freebet for a specific game or a sport. For example, the CS2 freebet bonus will reward you with a $10 bet for a $15 deposit, a $30 bet for a $50 deposit, and $60 for a $100 deposit;

✓ Bet insurance. Place a big enough bet and receive insurance on it under specific conditions. For example, if you wager $50 on a Premier League soccer match and the total number of goals is 2+ until the end of the first half, you get your wager back regardless of whether you win or not;

✓ Increased odds. We occasionally increase the latest betting odds for anticipated tournaments.

Before meeting the deposit requirements for any of these, activate a bonus. Click “Activate” below a desired bonus in the “Promotions” tab.

GGBET Deposits and Withdrawals

GGBET official site accepts and pays out in over 100 deposit methods. They include credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and crypto coins, all of which are secured with SSL encryption. All deposits take up to 15 minutes. However, withdrawal processing time depends on the transaction scale. Withdrawing up to $300 takes a day. At the same time, withdrawing $300–$2,000 takes up to 5 days, $2,000–$20,000 takes 14 days, and $20,000+ takes up to 30 days. These processing time rules apply to all online bookmaker withdrawal methods.

Payment method Min Deposit Max Deposit Deposit processing time Min Withdrawal Withdrawal fees
Visa/Mastercard $8 $10,000 up to 15 minutes $10~ 2–3%
Skrill $6 $100,000 up to 15 minutes $15~ 2–3%
BTC $33 $100,000 Instant $50~ 2–3%
paysafecard $6 $10,000 up to 15 minutes $15~ 2–3%
ETH $10 $100,000 Instant $25~ 2–3%
LTC $8 $100,000 Instant $25~ 2–3%

How to Withdraw

Before you can withdraw money from GGBET, you must fill in the “My Data” section with your name, country, phone number (which you must verify), sex, and date of birth. Next, proceed to “Cashbox” and choose “Withdraw.” After you choose a payment method, indicate your transaction, and confirm it, we will start processing it.

GGBET Customer Support

Whatever question or problem you’re facing, you can quickly solve it via GGBET support. It’s available 24/7. Moreover, you can access it in various languages through the following methods:

  • [email protected] — takes 1–2 days to reply and suits for solving bug issues;
  • 44 (203) 769-19-62 (UK, HU, ES, RO, FR), 44 (203) 769-19-62 (PT, CN, JP, RU), 3 (572) 506-06-21 (DE), 48 (45) 363-05-55 (PL) — take up to 15 minutes to reply and are best for small issues that don’t require screenshots or extra files;
  • Live chat — takes up to five minutes to reply and suits for any issue. If GGBET managers need extra information, they will contact you via email.

Don’t use any of these before checking our FAQ page. It answers most beginners’ questions about sports betting, account management, depositing, and other issues.


Is It Safe to Bet on GGBET?

For 100%. We ensure safe online betting through a license that proves our fairness and by having SSL encryption that protects your data during payments.

How Do the Betting Odds Work at GGBET?

GGBET betting odds resemble the bet’s probability and your potential profit in the case of a win. You can alter decimal, Hong Kong, Indo, and US odd types.

Can I Wager at GGBET During a Match?

Yes, you can use live betting for that. We make betting on ongoing matches as easy as possible by adding a match broadcast and live statistics.

Is It Possible to Cancel a Bet?

Unfortunately, no. Once an online betting platform accepts a bet, the only way to get your money back is to win.

What Are the Payment Limits at GGBET Bookmaker?

GGBET has different limits for its deposits and withdrawals, ranging from $5 to $50+ dollars. You can check all the limits inside our cashbox.

Is GGBET Available on Mobile as an App?

Yes, it is. You can download a GGBET app on your Android device through an apk file on our site or create an icon for quick access to the bookmaker via iOS.